Tips For Choosing Roofing Contractors

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Repair and Service

When you consider that a typical roof on a residence lasts anywhere from twenty years and up it is easy to see why choosing the best roofers in Aurora IL can be quite a challenge when the time comes to replace it. Finding the best roofer can be a challenge but there are a few tips that might make the job a little easier for you.

* Insurance: This is an absolute must, because the work takes place at height it is easy for accidents to occur so the contractor that you hire must carry workers compensation insurance for all employees as well as liability insurance should something get damaged or broken during the job. Don’t take anyone’s word for it; ask to see copies of current certificates of insurance to confirm their validity. This is one way to ensure that everyone bidding on the job starts on a level playing field.

* Choose a local contractor: It may be tempting to choose a low price contractor from far afield but this can prove to be a bad move. Pick a local company, local roofers in Aurora IL have long established themselves and they have a hard fought for reputation that they want to protect.

* Pick a contractor that has a proven track record and has been in business for a number of years. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you need the company back to do warranty repairs only to find out that they have closed down or simply vanished.

* Price is important but it is not everything: Don’t use price alone when choosing your roofing contractor. Those that simply work out of the back of a truck can always underbid established roofers in Aurora IL but in the long run, you get exactly what you pay for. These operators are rarely skilled professionals, one day they consider themselves to be roofers and tomorrow they may very well be gardeners.

* Avoid “storm chasers”: Stay well away from operators who knock on your door and offer to repair your roof; this is nothing more than canvassing for work. If your roof does need repair or replacement there are plenty of other good ways to find a quality roofing contractor.

Just remember that just like everything else your time and money belong to you and you must remain in complete control. The better roofers will not expect full payment until the job is done and done to your satisfaction, make sure you are happy with the work and that all the expectations included in the contract have been satisfied.

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