Getting Ready For Winter: Essential Fireplace Maintenance

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Repair and Service

As the winter months rapidly approach, now is the time that homeowners need to be focusing on the condition on their heating methods. While most homes have HVAC units to keep them warm, there are quite a number of homes with fireplaces, as well. Just like any other part of a home, the fireplace will require maintenance and repair on occasion. Selecting the right professionals to perform fireplace service in a Chicago home will require the homeowner to do a bit of research. Finding a fireplace repair company that has a good bit of experience is the best way to ensure the job is done correctly. There are a number of things that will have to be maintained on a fireplace and here are a few of them.

Check the Damper and Chimney

When hired to maintain a fireplace, one of the first things that a professional will check is the damper and chimney. Making sure that there are no obstructions to prevent the smoke being filtered out of the home is very important. During the summer months, it is quite common for birds to build nests or even for dirt to clog up this area of the fireplace. Having a professional check this will allow the homeowner to use this part of their home with confidence.

Cleaning Out the Firebox

The firebox where the actual fire is started and keeping it clean is very important. Having professionals come in and suck up all of the ash and debris in the fire box will help to ensure safety when it is used. Having too much ash and debris can create a hazard in the home and can cause the fire to spread. Getting the fire box cleaned before each winter is well worth the money that is spent.

Inspect the Chimney for Damage

Another important thing that a professional will do is to inspect the chimney for damage. Having a damaged chimney can be quite dangerous and will need to be fixed right away. By allowing a professional to perform an inspection on the chimney, a homeowner can get the quick fix they need should damage be found. Before hiring a chimney repair company, a homeowner will need to do some research to figure out the type of track record they have. Selecting the right professionals is a vital part of getting a chimney in good working order before the winter months hit.

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