Frequently Asked Questions About Maintenance For Commercial Air Conditioners In Oahu

Business owners must keep their air conditioning systems running efficiently at all times. To ensure their employees and customers always stay comfortable inside the building, it’s important to contact an experienced Commercial Air Conditioners Oahu area professional company for regular maintenance. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about maintaining a commercial air conditioning system.

Q.) How often should a business owner schedule an air conditioning maintenance check?

A.) In warm climates where the air conditioner runs constantly, it’s recommended to have a professional maintenance check performed on an air conditioning unit every three months. Frequent system monitoring ensures that the unit runs as efficient as possible. A regular service inspection keeps the unit working as it should and saves a business owner money on future repairs as well as operating costs.

Q.) What does a technician do when performing a commercial air conditioner maintenance check?

A.) A qualified technician inspects the entire unit and all the components of the air conditioning system during a maintenance visit. This includes cleaning the condenser coil, testing the electrical system, flushing the drain lines, and examining the evaporator coil. The certified technician will also test the system pressure, measure the level of refrigerant that’s in the unit, and add more refrigerant if necessary.

Q.) What can a business owner do between maintenance visits to keep the air conditioner running efficiently?

A.) Business owners should make sure the air filter in the air conditioning unit is kept clean and free of dust and dirt. It’s recommended to examine the filter monthly and replace it with a clean filter if necessary. If the unit isn’t cooling as efficiently as it should or if it’s not working properly, a business owner should immediately contact a qualified commercial air conditioners in Oahu area professional company. A technician can examine the air conditioning unit and make the needed repairs to get the system running again.

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