Air Conditioning in New Haven IN in the Past Times

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People have been using many appliances to ease up their life and to face weather changes without suffering; and one of the most important one is; air conditioning system. Famously known as AC, air conditioning is the process for which the temperature of a certain place is either increased or decreased through water evaporation. The humidity of the place is also modified so as to make the ventilation of the place more comfortable depending on the season. Summer would push the people to want to decrease the humidity and temperature while winter would require the other way around. The fascinating thing about air conditioning is the fact that the idea actually started way back in the ancient times despite the modernization of the air conditioners today.

The first air conditioning equipment run by electricity was made by Willis Haviland Carrier in the year 1911. It was meant to regulate the temperature in a publishing company in Brooklyn known as Sackett- Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company but not for the workers but for the paper to get rid of moisture build-up on its surface brought by the summer air. The said moisture hinders the publishing company to perform its printing techniques at that time. The idea is to cool the air instead since cool air does not create moisture that could hinder in the company’s operations.

Air conditioning started with Carrier and his modern air conditioners in the early 1900s. Though it was meant only to get rid of summer moisture for a publishing company, the idea of a machine changing the temperature and humidity of a room made him looked into more of it which gave birth to the air conditioners of the present time. The idea of lowering temperature and decreasing humidity however started years ago even in ancient times. In China, they were able to make a manually-powered 3 meter fan with seven wheels for the emperor of the Han Dynasty.

Benjamin Franklin and his buddy John Hadley started an experiment to prove that evaporation can be a process for which an object to be cooled quickly. Using a mercury temperature and alcohol which could quickly evaporate, the two were able to prove the theory they had. In fact with thin ice forming one the surface of the thermometer after passing water’s freezing point, they even affirmed the possibility of freezing a man to death even in the summer’s day. Though they weren’t able to make a modern electric air conditioner, both of them succeeded in proving the theory.

Many other famous people confirmed the theory of air conditioning by doing their own experiments which actually focus on different things. Michael Faraday as well as James Harrison conducted their own studies and inventions. Faraday used ammonia and compressed and liquefied it cool the air while Harrison focused on making an ice machine through compressions, condensation and evaporation.

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