The Value Of Regular Roof Inspections

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Repair and Service

It is essential that a home have a roof that does not leak, causing other damage. As most roofs have an anticipated life in excess of 20 years it is easy for a homeowner to take it for granted. Of course if the roof should have an obvious problem from storm damage or a falling tree limb it will be immediately attended to, but what about the rest of the time? It is when the roof is regularly inspected that the current condition can be accurately assessed. A roof may actually look good from ground level but the whole story cannot be told unless roofing contractors in Bolingbrook IL are called in to inspect the roof which can help considerably in preventing expensive repairs in the future.

Protecting your home from unwanted and unexpected roof leaks all starts with the homeowner making a simple visual inspection. Professional roofing contractors as well as the roofing industry associations that they belong to all recommend that a check be made twice a year; in the spring after the rigors of winter and in the fall after a summer of blazing sun. The check can be made from the attic, look for any signs of dark spots, sagging or places where light from the outside is shoeing through the roof. When the inspection moves outdoors, look for any evidence of damaged shingles, loose shingle material under the downpipes, loose gutters or any apparent signs of rot. If any of these signs are evident then the best thing to do is call roofing contractors in Bolingbrook IL that have the skilled employees and the materials to make necessary repairs.

If you suspect that roof repairs are needed ask round for recommendations. Ideal people to ask are real estate agents as well as the people behind the counter at building supply companies. Once you have a few names contact a couple and ask for their opinion of what has to be done and of course, ask for a written quotation.

When making a decision on which contractor you will opt for, price is only one element to consider, you will want to include;

* Details on the material that will be used
* Proof of liability insurance and workers comp
* Licenses and any roofing association affiliations
* References as well as a report from the local Better Business Bureau
* The schedule and the number of people that will be on the job

These are all important points to consider when seeking roofing contractors in Bolingbrook IL; a little research and common sense can ensure you get right company for the job.

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