What is a backup generator?

There are areas of the country that suffer from power cuts; these can be the results of icing conditions in the northern parts of the country or hurricanes and tornadoes elsewhere. Although there is little that one can do to control the climate, it is possible to provide some protection against extended power outages. One of the common electrical devices that are installed in a home or commercial building is a backup generator.

Surviving a short outage is not a major problem but if the outage is expected to last some time then the best solution is to have a backup generator. Although constant electrical service to a residence is not critical, it most certainly is to such installations as the emergency services, hospitals and other essential business. Fortunately, companies that offer same day electrical services in Winnetka can install and set up emergency generators quickly so that functionality can be provided for critical equipment such as refrigeration and security.

A generator can be installed in a stationary position outside the building or can be portable. Generators are available that can comfortably run around the clock for days or they can be brought in strictly for emergency situations. Many homes will use emergency generators which are usually much smaller than standby sets. An emergency generator will almost always be powered by gasoline or diesel whereas a large standby system will use natural gas or propane as the power source. Depending on the specific type of generator that is required, each type has its pros and cons when it comes to the initial cost, the running costs and the ease of use.

Stationary backup generators will almost always have to be installed by licensed professional electricians that provide same day electrical services in Winnetka and compared to simply portable backup generators, are quite expensive. The downside of a smaller, gasoline or diesel powered unit is the need to maintain a stock of fuel and to store it safely until needed. Stationary generators on the other hand can be piped directly to a gas fuel source which is always available in whatever quantity is needed and for a long as needed.

In the home, the small portable generators can provide sufficient power for a few strategic lights and essentials such as the refrigerator. If the homeowner is looking to maintain power to the entire home, including heat, air conditioning and hot water then a substantial fixed unit will be necessary.

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