Get An Edge With Clients By Offering Specialty Cabinetry

The kitchen and bathroom renovation business is a highly competitive industry. Your customers are always looking for the most affordable, customized options in order to have the kitchen of their dreams without breaking the bank. Finding the materials and products that will offer them their customized kitchen without going too far into debt will give you an edge when it comes bidding time. Having access to specialty cabinetry Ontario contractors depend on to expand their offerings and help address the custom needs of their clients is the perfect way to offer budget friendly options without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.

Customized Perfection

When working with MDF customized cabinetry you have the option to take the customization beyond just the sizing. Most contractors work with suppliers that provide a series of door styles in hand with finishes, colours and customized sizes to suit the kitchen. However for the more discerning client the option to customize not only the colour and size but also going beyond the same old same old options might include additional design details such as:

* Decorative toe kicks
* Kitchen pantry doors
* Fan hoods
* Custom framing and moulding
* Interesting detailing on bulkheads
* Sculpted open shelving options
* Stylized feet for kitchen furniture cabinets
* Built-ins
* Banquettes

Cabinet Door Detailing

Modern design styles are often the more expensive and harder to find options in basic kitchen remodels. Many people are seeking state-of-the-art panels and cabinetry that is ultra modern. Newer looks include cut outs in door panels as either a decorative detail or to act as a modern take on pulls. High gloss finished cabinetry tends to be quite expensive. However, custom finishes on MDF specialty cabinetry Ontario contractors can order will provide a very specific look for far less cost than you would pay for materials such as acrylics and other specialized finishes.

Durability and Affordability

Many people hear the term MDF and want to run the other way. However, MDF provides clients with far more options than they would have with any other material. Being able to show clients the wondrous results they can achieve with CAD design and milling machinery will surely change their minds. The state-of-the-art equipment allows you to work with MDF in order to create one of a kind cabinetry and details at a fraction of the cost of solid wood and other material options.

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