5 Benefits of New Pella Windows in Jacksonville, FL

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Doors

After spending winter indoors, a homeowner may notice that their old window frames have become drafty. If the home’s windows are particularly old, paint layers and warped wood may make them hard to open. Now that spring is here, and summer is around the corner, it’s the right time to think about new Pella Windows in Jacksonville, FL. Below are several compelling reasons to replace a home’s windows.

Energy Savings
Single-pane windows with outdated wooden frames have almost no insulating properties. These drafty windows make the HVAC system struggle to regulate the indoor temperature, which drives up the owner’s monthly utility bill. Today’s windows, with their dual-pane construction, provide more insulation and better indoor comfort. With new, energy-efficient windows, a buyer can save up to 25% on their heating and cooling bills all year long.

UV Protection
Along with their high insulating properties, many of today’s windows also have panes that block the sun’s harmful UV rays. With this feature, homeowners can protect their carpets, furniture, drapes and other belongings from fading after prolonged sun exposure.

Increased Resale Value
If an owner wants a home upgrade that promises a high ROI (return on investment), new Pella Windows in Jacksonville, FL are a good place to start. According to the experts, area homeowners can recoup about 70% of the replacement cost of the windows in terms of increased home values.

Easy Cleaning
It can be tiresome to clean all of a home’s windows, particularly in two-story houses. However, today’s double-hung windows can be pulled inward to allow users to clean the outside without having to climb a ladder.

Reduced Noise
Modern windows block sound just as effectively as they protect the home from excessive heat and cold. If someone lives in the city, new, soundproofing windows can reduce traffic noise and allow the family to get some valuable peace and quiet.

While most people don’t think about their windows until there’s a problem, a new set of windows can provide all the benefits listed above plus much more. To learn about new window installation, call Dream Door and Window or visit their website today.

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