Using Industrial Cooling Fans for Heat and Humidity Control

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Anyone who has ever felt a cool man-made breeze on a hot day understands the value of a well-placed fan. This is especially true in an industrial setting, where industrial cooling fans are used to keep workers and machinery cool. In some circumstances, These fans and other misting equipment is also used keep humidity as high as necessary for some specialized processes and applications that require humidity control.

Misting Fans and Systems
A misting system basically blows cool water vapor into an area, adding moisture and humidity to the air. The key is to disperse the moisture finely enough create a fog or mist without actually just spraying water in a particular spot. With a misting fan, the water vapor is blown into the path of the fan, allowing the blades to push the water vapor with the air. This gives you the ability direct a cooling stream of moist air wherever you need it most.

Heat Control for Industrial Applications
Sometimes a piece of equipment that resides outdoors is in danger of overheating, especially in warm, dry climates or if the machinery is working harder than normal. Under these circumstances, industrial cooling fans, including misting fans, can help keep the temperature under control. People also need to be cool while working, so a misting fan can be a welcome relief for large groups of people working outdoors. Even some indoor applications can benefit from the use of these fans, particularly if the work area is so large that air conditioning might not be effective.

Humidity Control for Industrial Applications
Some industrial areas require extra humidity. For example, an industrial greenhouse might require a different humidity level for each different section (less humidity for cacti, more for orchids, etc.) Textile, woodworking and paper operations also require increased humidity control, both to increase the quality of the product and to control flying particles. In wine storage, higher relative humidity can reduce the amount of wine that evaporates through oak barrels, saving money.

Industrial cooling fans can help to add humidity in industrial applications if they have a misting function. Misting fans blow the moist air into the work area, increasing the humidity and lowering the temperature of a work area. A full misting system can also be used for this, whether in addition to or instead of a fan.

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