Drain and pipeline cleaning techniques

by | Oct 24, 2011 | Repair and Service

The constant leaky or overflowing pipeline can be real trouble with bad stench. At times, it becomes difficult even after regular maintenance services because the real problem is still unattended to. The problem can be mystery if it is impossible to reach out to the root cause. Even the professionals are left clueless when such problems strike. To help deal with it, the advanced techniques are used. It involves using video inspection and hydro jetting, the two most recent of the technologies.

Hydro jetting involves use of high pressure water to clean off the drainage. Any clogs, if there are washed down under such tremendous force of water. It works almost similar to flushing the toilets. Such pressure is bound to clear away any troubling part. Yet there are chances that the problem might still persist. There are times when the root problem is out of each of the experts. For such times, the inspection tactic using CCTV cameras works the best.

These days experts carry along video cameras to assist while on work. When the root problem is hard to find, it does not makes sense to open up the pipeline assembly only to later find it untraceable. The best way would be to use inspection help to exactly know where does the problem lies. Cameras make it easy to locate the troubling element with navigational help through the drains and pipeline.

The damages that are part and parcel of the repair process are minimised to large extent with such technological help. It also saves the time that otherwise is spent locating the problem. Video inspection has really aided the hydro jetting technique for clean up process.

Drain and pipeline cleaning

Drain and pipeline cleaning

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