Tips to installing water heater all by yourself

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Heating and Cooling

There is nothing better than having a hot water bath on a chilly morning. And before the magical invention of water heaters, it looked so discomforting to put water on gas for it to boil up. And now, one can straight away go into the shower, turn it on and enjoy the warm water flowing down the body. Water heaters are a long term investment, so invest smart and wisely, before buying one. There are some tips to be followed if you are planning to get it installed by yourself.

Water heaters are available in two types, the electric ones and the gas-run heaters. The electric heaters are a bit costly compared to gas types but are cost efficient in the long run. High gasoline price has forced people to make a move to electric heaters. Choose accordingly with your need and the options available. After getting the right type of heaters, it is time to get the pipe dimensions rightly fitting to the heaters. In case, if it does not fit, you need to buy couplers to match the fit.

If you are replacing the old heater with a new one, start with turning off all the connections attached to the heating unit. Remove the old unit, replace it with the new. Check if it has pressure and temperature valve to control, and if not, get one installed. Connect the water lines to the heater and make sure that fittings are tight enough so that there are no leaks. Next step is to fill the heating unit with cold water and connect it to the power source to enjoy hot water bath.

You can call in an expert if you are not comfortable with the installation part . It is better to be safe than to get it done in a wrong manner.

Installing Water Heater

Installing Water Heater

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