What to Know Before Requesting a Repair or Replacement of an Air Conditioner in Derby, KS

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

During the summer months, an Air Conditioner in Derby KS, becomes essential. Although it may be nice out one day, the next day a person may feel as if they are ready to melt without air conditioning. Weather conditions appear to be changing, thus people can’t predict what the summer or winter months will bring. Air conditioners and Heaters are quickly becoming a necessity, but they are only beneficial if they work as designed. When an air conditioner fails to cut on or cool the home, it’s time to call the professionals in to determine where the problem lies. How should a person approach choosing who to call?

Contact a minimum of three companies to obtain estimates on the work. Although this may seem like a hassle, especially when temperatures are climbing, taking this step ensures one gets a good deal on any repairs needed. When a company provides an estimate over the phone, individuals need to look elsewhere. They cannot give an accurate price without examining the system, and the price is likely to go up significantly once they arrive at the home.

The technician needs to do a cooling load calculation before providing recommendations on a new system. Many air conditioners aren’t appropriately sized for the residence they are being used in; therefore, a contractor should never use the current system to determine the size of a new one. They should also speak to the homeowner to discuss any heating or cooling issues before making recommendations, as this helps to ensure the right unit is selected every time. With this information, the technician should also be able to provide an estimate on annual heating and cooling costs.

Any contractor refusing to provide a written estimate, one that clearly details the work to be done or the repairs to be completed, including materials, needs to be avoided. Homeowners must know what they are getting when they purchase an Air Conditioner in Derby KS, or request repairs to an existing unit. Reputable contractors are happy to provide this estimate in writing.

Finally, ask about any warranty on the new unit or repairs to be completed. If a problem arises, the homeowner wants to know he or she is protected. The warranty ensures this is the case. Click here for more information.

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