Signs Garage Door Openers Replacement Bonita Springs is Needed because of a Lightning Strike

Many people are not aware that lightning produces thunder. They also don’t know that those vibrant “bolts” seen across the sky are actually only approximately one inch in diameter and can be tens of miles long. Also, trees such as maple, oak and pine are considered natural conductors for lighting due to their root systems and height which work to dissipate the actual charge. Impressive, yet unpredictable, lighting strikes about one in every 200 homes every year.

If lightning strikes a home, it can affect any electronic plugged in and may result in the homeowner needing Garage Door Openers Replacement Bonita Springs. This is because the bolt can travel through the electrical outlets, Ethernet cables and the phone jacks. Appliances can also be shortened out by the electromagnetic pulses generated by indirect lighting.

One way to prevent the need for Garage Door Openers Replacement Bonita Springs, as well as damage to other electronics, is to use surge protections. These are plugged into the home’s outlet and will limit the total voltage supplied to the electronic devices in the home by shorting or blocking any unwanted voltages that go over the safe threshold. Be sure that all the power strips in the garage or home include surge protection. Be sure that strips purchased are marked as being a surge protector.

Without the surge protector in place, the electronic device can essentially burn up because of the power surges. A small, $15 purchase can actually save homeowners hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Some symptoms that lightning has struck a garage door opener and that the homeowner may need to invest in Garage Door Openers Replacement in Bonita Springs, include:

1. The LED lights in the safety sensors will not turn on
2. The opener functions erratically
3. The keypad and remote no longer work
4. The opener seems to have no power when there is power going to the actual outlet

Garage Doors By Roy North Inc. can provide service and replacement for garage door openers. Calling them when trouble is present will help prevent it from becoming worse. This is essential to ensure the homeowner can continue to use the garage door opener in the future.

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