Warning Signs Thermostats are Going Bad in Portland

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Heating and Cooling

A home’s thermostat is a crucial device which helps to aid the heating and cooling systems in operating properly, so the right temperature is reached. Unfortunately, most home owners think little of this device except when they are operating their systems. When a home owner is having problems with their THERMOSTATS Portland, they need to be aware of the warning signs to look for.

• One of the first signs people notice when their thermostat is going bad is their energy costs begin to rise. When the thermostat in a home is not shutting down the heating or cooling system when it should and is continuously causing it to run, higher energy costs can be expected.
• When a home seems to stay too warm or cool, the thermostat could be to blame. It is the thermostat’s job to determine when the air comes on and when it goes off. If it is not functioning properly, it will not be able to maintain a set temperature in the home.
• In a digital display thermostat, the LED display may dim or go out completely when the thermostat has gone bad. Removing the cover may reveal worn wires or a burning smell.
• If the heating and cooling system in a home continuously runs without shutting down or cycling, the thermostat could be the culprit. When the thermostat is not causing cycling in the system, this can lead to overheating and freezing.
• A thermostat could also be going bad if the heating or cooling unit seems to cut off too soon or too frequently. Home owners should pay careful attention to the cycling of their heating and cooling systems to determine whether the cycles are ending prematurely.

When a thermostat is failing, it is important for an HVAC professional to test the device to see if it needs to be replaced. Having a professional test the thermostat and replace it will ensure there are no dangers in operation. Those who are having problems with their THERMOSTATS Portland can visit website for more information on the HVAC services they offer. Contact them today for a check on your thermostat.

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