The Basics Of Air Conditioning Repair

Although air conditioners all perform the same function there are different styles of units and they are commonly found in different situations. The different types are room size window mounted units, split units for larger areas where noise is a consideration and central units, the top end method for air conditioning the entire home. Although they are different the one thing they do have in common is that air conditioning repair in Morton Grove will be needed sooner or later.

Air conditioning repair and air conditioning service are different but both services are provided by the same skilled technician. Air conditioners which are routinely serviced tend to need fewer repairs as any minor problems are caught before they can become major. When the air conditioners in a home are serviced routinely any minor components which are failing or about to fail can be replaced when the need arises, the technician can also bring it to the attention of the homeowner that the unit has reached the point where replacement is warranted.

Many companies that offer air conditioning repair in Morton Grove also sell, install new units and offer service. When a new unit has been purchased and installed it is common for the company to offer an on-going service contract to the owner. The contract can specify annual or semi-annual service and tune-up after the technician has subjected the unit to a comprehensive inspection. In many cases the homeowner will enter into a contract that includes the cost of minor repairs and parts. While the unit is still under factory warranty all the services including supply and installation of any parts that are faulty is free.

A typical service contract between the homeowner and air con service company will normally cover periodic inspection of all components, major and minor. This includes the compressor, condenser, fan and fan motor. If the system is a central unit the contract will also normally include inspection of the ducts going to each room in the house. An air conditioner technician has a number of sophisticated instruments that are used to test components, it is during these tests that the technician may identify a component which is close to failure, when this is the case the part can be repaired or replaced before a major problem occurs.

When you are investigating the acquisition of a new system it is wise to take into account the new product warranty and the after warranty service contract that is available. Not all companies have the same services at the same price, so check the contract thoroughly.

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