Choosing your carpet color

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Home Improvement

Choosing carpeting in Reno NV is not quite as easy as it might first appear, there are a number of decisions to be made to ensure it looks its best in your home. The style of the carpet, the type of fiber it is made from, the quality and extremely important; the color. All of these things must be carefully thought through.

Style, quality, fiber, etc. are often easy decisions to make, they are often guided by the carpet budget. Color can be the most difficult decision for a number of valid reasons. It is hard to even visualize what a room will look like once the carpet has been installed when you have had to make your choice from a small swatch sample. There is a definite tendency for people to become very accustomed to the carpet in their home, when they set out to replace the carpet it can be quite daunting as even a small color variance can make a world of difference in the home. There will be times when the color you really want simply does not suit your lifestyle. You may really want a beautiful off white carpet but if you have a house full of active children running in and out as they do this will not work.

Stay with neutrals:

There is a very good reason why the bulk of the carpeting in Reno NV stores is neutral colors. Carpet has a major impact on the way a room looks and feels, a large expanse of bright carpeting can easily become overwhelming. Carpeting is a major investment and once your purchase has been made you do not want to repeat it sooner than you have to. Don’t be afraid to use bold, bright colors, but keep these colors for accent pieces and the walls. It is a lot less expensive to change the color of the walls that it is to change the color of the carpeting. Colors are wonderful when used for throw pillows, art frames, etc.

Pay attention to the light source:

It is really important that you take the carpet samples home with you to ensure you pick the correct color. Carpet changes color depending on the light source, it will certainly look different in your home than what it does under the bright lights of the showroom. Your home will make use of natural lighting, this is the light source that you must use when selecting your carpet.

Take the carpet samples home with you, they will give you a better idea of how the carpeting in Reno NV will look with your furnishings.

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