What are Custom Doors?

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Home Improvement

The simplest way to understand what custom doors are, is that they are specifically designed to order. Any product custom-made product is made to the preferences of the consumer, which may be a combination of designs the company offers with ideas the consumer has. They also could just be strictly made to be as unique as the consumer, so they have all the say so on how everything is going to look, from beginning to end.


Pre-made doors are generally manufactured in one spot and can easily be produced, somewhat like a cookie cutter effect. The process is quite efficient because the work will be the same on every single door. When it comes to creating custom doors, it takes a lot more time and effort to make an idea come to fruition.

The Process

Custom doors have a process to go through as well. The first step is designing an idea that one would like to be created. This would require someone visiting the site in which the door will be hung and take measurements. Materials would have to be chosen, as well as the hinging and latching mechanisms; then, the professionals can start doing what they are good at. Creating the custom doors.


For all installation purposes, it is easier to purchase pre-made doors because they already fit the dimensions of ‘regular’ sized doorways. Most houses are built to similar standards, and door frames – width and height – are universal depending on how tall the ceilings are. Some homes may require custom doors everywhere, just because they are not the run of the mill house. Pre-made doors are also more cost-effective, just because there is not any additional work required to make them. One can easily go to a store or specialty door shop and purchase a pre-made door, and then go hang it oneself.

Benefits of Custom Doors

The greatest benefit of custom doors is that one has the freedom of choice. There are no boundaries, sizes, colors, or anything that anyone has to choose from. Essentially, there is a blank canvas of different materials to choose from.


Another great benefit of creating custom doors for the home is that the materials chosen by the consumer can be adjusted to be more weather-resistant. There are many eco friendly options available that are also more efficient to protect against the different weather elements. Many people today seem more interested in different options that are more environmentally sound and sustainable.

Custom doors are a great way for anyone to add their own personal touch to their home. Customization means uniqueness, and specialty custom doors will ensure that no one in the neighborhood has the same door, making the house that much more spectacular. If you are looking for custom doors visit Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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