Why Composition Shingles Are a Good Choice

Does your house or business have roofing problems? You may want to consider metal, wood shake, tile, or other materials. However, many people today choose composition or asphalt shingles from local roofers serving Verona and nearby Waukesha, Wisconsin. Here are some reasons why.


When you check the Internet for “roofers near me,” you may find many contractors. Today’s composition shingles from a trusted asphalt roofing service like website come in many colors. In fact, you can choose a color which best matches your home or business. An attractive roof gives your house curb appeal, and if you are thinking about selling, this is an important thing to consider before listing your home.

Increased Value

Whether you plan to sell in the future or consider a refinance, a new composition roof increases property value. This can make it easier to sell your home, and you may get the price you want too. When refinancing, you may qualify for more money with a new roof from your asphalt roofing services in Madison WI (close to Waukesha).


You might want to wait on a new roof because of the cost. However, composition shingles are cost-effective, and you can save a lot of money over the cost of materials like wood, metal, or tile. In fact, if you already have asphalt roofing, your roofers can sometimes roof over the old shingles. This can drastically reduce your labor and materials costs. The cost may be less than you think.

Ease of Installation

If you are thinking about installing your own roof, asphalt shingles are the best choice. However, unless you have experience and the right tools, you should consider checking out “roofing contractors around me in Southern Wisconsin.” Your roofing professionals can visit your home and offer free inspections and estimates.

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