Air Conditioner Repair in Bellingham WA, vs. Replacement

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Heating and Cooling

It is air conditioning season throughout the United States, and there are many furrowed brows worried the air conditioning unit will rumble to a halt. Air conditioning repair is expensive. Replacement of a condenser or an evaporator can be even more expensive. Even if the homeowner is faithful in doing the annual maintenance, units wear out or break. So the decision for the homeowner and for the company doing air conditioner repair in Bellingham WA, is if the best choice is a repair or if a repair will only put a fragile band-aid on a wounded condenser or evaporator coils.

Frequent vs. Occasional Failure

If the air conditioning system fails occasionally, you make a few adjustments, turn the unit off then on again and everything is fine, you might be able to live with repairs and adjustments from time to time. The company doing air conditioner repair in Bellingham WA, will be able to give the homeowner some tips on adjustments or other things to do to keep the unit going.

However, when the motor is running hot or the evaporator coils freeze up on a weekly or daily basis, the option then is to repair, if possible. If that is not possible, replacement will be the next consideration. If the air conditioning company you are working with is honest and reputable, they will not advise you to do more repairs than are necessary.

Three Determining Factors

The companies doing air conditioner repair in Bellingham WA, will advise the homeowner that there are three factors to consider when making a decision of whether to repair an air conditioning unit or to replace it — current condition, expectancy, efficiency. Most air conditioning units have a life of eight to 12 years. If the air conditioning unit you have is at the high end of that lifetime expectancy range, the hard cruel facts are repair may not be the answer. If a repair can buy you a couple more years and you can limp along, that is your choice. But what you might find is the repair is more expensive than the replacement.

The company doing air conditioner repair in Bellingham WA, will be able to tell you if the unit is working at a good efficiency level for the age of the unit and for its current condition. They will often have financing options to replace the unit.

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