What is central air conditioning?

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As the name implies, central air conditioning is a method employed to cool and dehumidify the air in an enclosed space such as a home or office building. This is in contrast to other forms of Charlotte air conditioning which makes use of units that only cool one room or a small suite. Central air conditioning systems are normally bundled with a central heating system as they both utilize a common system of forced air and return air ducts and they draw similar amounts of power. This type of air conditioning is ideal when a common temperature and humidity is desired throughout the entire structure.

What differentiates a central air conditioning system from a simple window unit is that the main unit is installed outside the building. In many cases the installation is on an isolated slab or on a roof, this helps keep the noise outside as this component is quite noisy as it goes through its cycle. This external unit is connected to the ducts; it is these ducts that carry the conditioned air through the building.

Ductless air conditioning is another variable. In this case, rather than one large central unit that cools rooms and areas regardless, ductless units are installed through the wall, they remove hot air and humidity and pump cool air to locations that want it. These systems can be more economical as individual rooms can be climate controlled. Temperatures vary considerably throughout a building so central air conditioning can be put under stress and can use a lot of energy while attempting to keep the entire building at the pre-set temperature.

There is no doubt that Charlotte air conditioning is required in large office buildings because with sealed windows in the building, the inside air rapidly becomes hot and oppressive. It is not just the heat from the outside that warms the air; it is also the large number of people who work in the building as the human body generates considerable heat. Central air conditioning makes it possible for this large number of people to work in the building in relative comfort.

Although there are wall and window units available, many people find them unsightly so they elect to have central air conditioning installed. When a house has been well designed and built, including measures such as insulation, it is quite possible to cool the home while retaining energy efficiency.

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