Should You Install a Traditional or Tankless Water Heater in Bainbridge Island?

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When you need a new water heater, traditional and tankless are your two main options. With a tankless system, you get hot water as needed, instead of storing a large tankful of heated water. This on-demand water heating helps conserve energy and provides a few advantages over a traditional water heater.

Tankless Heaters Help You Save Money

Traditional water heaters heat and store thirty to fifty gallons of water. The water is reheated at a pre-set temperature, even if you do not use all of it. This wasted energy leads to higher utility bills.

With a tankless water heater in Bainbridge Island, the heater only heats the water as you need it. The typical system heats two to three gallons per minute. Depending on your daily water use, these heaters can offer 34% or more in energy savings.

A Tankless System Takes Up Less Space

A standard tank water heater takes up a considerable amount of space. These units are installed indoors, typically in the basement. A tankless water heater is compact, however, giving homeowners more options for installation.

A new tankless system is typically installed in place of the old water heater. This offers convenient access to the plumbing and gas or electrical lines. If the tankless water heater is only needed for one or two appliances, you can install it closer to those appliances and free up space in your basement.

The HVAC experts at Here can assess your home and help determine the best location for your new water heater. Placing it closer to the faucets or appliances helps reduce heat loss by shortening the distance that the hot water must travel.

Tankless Heaters Have a Longer Service Life

Tankless systems are efficient appliances and come with a long service life. A traditional water heater may only last for ten to fifteen years, while a tankless system will often last for twenty years or more. If you want to save money and energy, consider switching to a tankless water heater system.

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