Various Types of Gas Furnaces in Sherwood

by | Feb 27, 2013 | AC Repair

Though, you need only one furnace for your home or other place but if you know various types, it can help you decide which one is suitable for you. You can find all such furnaces in Sherwood easily. There are two categories, as conventional, and condensing and both have their own qualities.


*     It has a difference operating system, as they exhaust the gases very fast and the gases will move outside through chimney before they get cool. Hence, not much heat is collected in the furnace.


*     This operates different from the conventional types, as it collects heat even when it’s being exhausted. This is done through two types of heat exchangers, including primary and secondary heat exchanger. They handle exhaustion of various gases, and these gases get depleted of heat till water condensation drips out of the exchanger, and the gases emit from the PVC pipe other than the chimney. Both the furnaces systems are available in Sherwood.

Furnace with single stage

*     Stage means the function of the burner or the blower, and in fact it shows the technology level of that furnace, hence its divided level vise. The single stage is a type that involves a blower and burner having only one ‘on’ stage, and it’s cheaper than the other

Furnace with two stages

*     This is controlled by electricity that allows both the burner and its flame to remain on at both high and low settings.

Modulating furnace

*     This also has an electronic control for both burner and the blower motor, as it controls the settings, besides it also keeps the room temperature compatible to the thermostat level. Experts have a complete knowledge of such furnaces in Sherwood.

They are also categorized depending on their efficiency level, as every furnace has its own making and manufacturing methods and qualities and functions on the basis of which they are classified as below:

*     Low efficiency: 55% to 72%

*     Low efficiency: 78%

*     Standard efficiency: 80% to 83%

*     Mid efficiency: 80% to 83%

*     High efficiency: 90% to 98%

AFUE metric is used to measure all these efficiency levels, and it is abbreviated as ‘annual fuel utilization efficiency’. It calculates the fuel amount that is converted to heat in that space that is in proportion to the amount of fuel that enters the furnace. A high efficiency means that AFUE level is high and all the furnaces are judged on the basis of this rating or level.


Every building has its own requirement regarding AFUE, and it is 78% for the homes, however such furnaces are fixed in already built homes. An efficiency of 90% is required where furnace meet the DOE’s energy program in certain areas. Hence, you can say that the standard varies from place to place. A safe system can be only that fulfills all such requirements according to the prevailing laws. So, before buying any furnace for your home you should have all such information.


You can get any kind of a gas furnace system being installed by Oregon Heating. They have a very skilled staff in this regard. Other services are also available for air conditioning and energy saving techniques.

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