To Get a Great Deal on Walk In Cooler Doors, Go to the Source

Are you in need of an industrial or commercial cooler? Refrigerated space is a highly specialized industry. Even when it’s possible to order from a retail dealer, it makes more sense to go to the source. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) can sell directly and can also custom design to your specifications.

Walk in coolers in particular are a significant investment requiring large amounts of space and specialized construction. Key components of walk in cooler are the doors, which are often the only point at which outside air can enter the unit. Sheet metal material, amount and type of insulation, hinge construction and seals must all meet exact standards. The doors may also be the part experiencing the most wear and tear. Over time, even with the best design and construction some failures will occur. It’s good to know that an OEM refrigeration firm will still be able replace your doors with original models.

Of course, a company specializing in refrigeration design and construction can handle your entire project. If you own a small restaurant, it may surprise you to know that you can get the same type of design services offered to a big supermarket chain. The backbone parts of a cold storage unit are the insulated walls and doors, and a firm that designs and makes their own components can sell directly to you and save you money. Make sure you select a company with expertise in all aspects of the cold room industry. Firms who build for meat packers may not have what it takes if you want a cold room for a bio-tech lab. Choose a firm with substantial buying power for the components they don’t produce themselves. Some manufacturing designers are able to obtain large numbers of buy out components from major dealers, giving you savings across every aspect of the job.

If the company you select is also providing the construction, follow the same procedures as you would for any general contractor. Check that they’re licensed in your state, bonded and insured, and that they have no complaints logged against them with your state department of consumer affairs. Check that their products meet national certification standards. The time you spend researching a cold storage manufacturing designer pays off in the satisfaction of a well-made unit.

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