The Three Primary Benefits To Regular Tree Cutting and Pruning

Trees help to add visual splendor to a yard and can shield a home from the brutal summer sun. Despite how hardy trees are by nature, there are ways to keep them healthy and ensure that they are ready to stand for hundreds of years. Tree Cutting and regular pruning can stave off the most common of issues and guarantee a tree is not only safe but beautiful and free of any harmful diseases that could jeopardize its life expectancy.

Protect Property

A tree that is blown down by the wind or other inclement weather can be devastating for a home and leave it destroyed. Proper trimming helps to reduce this threat by preventing a buildup of bacteria and fungus, which will keep a tree standing strong. Be sure to have any trees inspected every three to five years to identify safety issues and correct them before disaster strikes.

Prevent Personal Injury

Many homeowners don’t think about it, but a falling limb or branch can cause severe personal injury. Whether it is due to the presence of a disease or caused by high wind, a tree that is in poor health poses a significant safety hazard. Tree Cutting and pruning help to eliminate the threat of personal injury by removing dead limbs before they fall and preventing those below from sustaining a potentially life-threatening injury.

Encourage Future Growth

It may seem counterproductive, but regular pruning helps to encourage new growth and ensures a tree is full and healthy. New growth not only helps keep a tree more stable, but it allows the tree to produce additional leaves and create more energy to consume during the hottest of summer months. Talk to a tree trimming company about the benefits of using proper pruning to encourage an abundance of new sprouts.

Tree maintenance may be an afterthought for many, but not correctly planning can lead to disaster. The team at Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. offers complete tree services and will ensure any trees that aren’t healthy are safely removed. Call today to learn more and take the first step in preventing tree-related injuries and damage. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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