FAQs About Commercial Refrigeration System Maintenance In Dayton, OH

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Heating & Air Conditioning

In Ohio, commercial refrigeration systems provide adequate cooling for businesses such as grocery stores. The systems provide stable temperatures to keep food from spoiling and maintain its freshness until these products are sold. These systems must be maintained properly to supply cool air as expected. A local contractor can provide answers to frequently asked questions about Commercial Refrigeration System Maintenance in Dayton OH.

How Often Should Refrigerant Levels be Checked?

At any sign of inadequate cooling, the property owner should contact a contractor to review the refrigerant levels. A licensed contractor can review these levels and provide a proper charge for the cooling system, and this will restore the cooler temperatures that are required by the commercial property owner. Contractors must perform these services to lower the chances of leaking these gases into the air and cause a serious health risk.

Is It Necessary to Clean the System Regularly?

Yes, the coils and condenser must be cleaned regularly to ensure adequate cooling for these systems. Over time, the systems can accumulate a large volume of dust and debris that could prevent adequate cooling and cause the systems to overheat. The contractor should clean these components regularly to reduce the potential for problems.

Can the Contractor File an Insurance Claim for the Property Owner?

Yes, the contractor can conduct an inspection of the unit after any damage has occurred, and if the damage occurred due to covered events, the commercial property coverage will provide funds for repairs. The contractor completes a claims form and presents a detailed list of all damage, and the funds are released to the contractor to pay for any necessary repairs.

Do Warranties Cover the Major Components?

Warranties cover certain components and potential issues with the refrigeration systems. However, they won’t last forever in most cases, and the property owner will need to extend the warranty at some time in the future.

In Ohio, commercial refrigeration systems are a vital part of businesses that sell food products. The units can provide adequate cooling for key departments within these properties. Business owners who need to acquire commercial refrigeration system maintenance in Dayton OH for their systems can browse our website for more details today.

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