The Benefits Of Fireplace Conversions In Fort Collins, CO

Although wood burning fireplaces have a lot of perks, there are also some major drawbacks to using such a fireplace. These drawbacks are why some people choose to do Fireplace Conversions Fort Collins CO. Fireplace conversions can vary in price. When people get a fireplace converted to a gas or electric option, they still get all the beauty of a fireplace but without any of the drawbacks. So, what are some of the drawbacks of wood burning fireplaces? For one, they waste a lot of heat. The chimney needed to operate a wood burning fireplace can waste up to 90 percent of the heat the fireplace generates. This leads to people paying more for utility bills than necessary.

The drawbacks that lead to Fireplace Conversions Fort Collins don’t stop there. When a person burns wood in a fireplace, the wood gives off smoke that is actually harmful. The smoke contains a lot of carcinogens. Carcinogens can lead to the development of cancer. For those who are concerned about the environment, they need to know that the soot produced by wood-burning fireplaces contributes to global warming. The soot actually rises and helps to trap heat. The same properties that help soot heat up a home are the same ones that contribute to global warming.

There is also a lot of maintenance involved with owning a wood burning fireplace. If proper maintenance isn’t done, homeowners are risking their safety and property. A fire can easily start when a fireplace isn’t properly maintained and cleaned. The soot has to be removed from the chimney. People also have to make sure that chimneys aren’t blocked. When the smoke from a wood fire isn’t allowed to leave a home, the levels of carbon monoxide within the home can rise to levels that are too dangerous for humans and pets.

Such a fireplace does not have the heat loss that a wood burning fireplace has. The fire that this fireplace produces is encased behind glass, so there aren’t any harmful emission getting inside a person’s home. A direct-vent fireplace isn’t nearly as hard to maintain as a wood burning option. Click here for more details.

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