Signs You Need AC Replacement in Bradenton, FL

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are designed to make the lives of men and women more comfortable. When working properly, they will keep a home at a cool, soothing temperature. When they are not working, everything becomes miserable and hot. It becomes hard to sleep in the hot, muggy rooms. This is especially true when one is in a milder climate like Florida. To avoid this, one must become proactive and recognize the signs when the air conditioner needs to be replaced. There is a contractor who does AC replacement in Bradenton FL, and tells customers what signs of air conditioner failure to watch out for.

* An air conditioner of high quality can last the homeowner more than 15 years. However, if the unit is 10 years old or more, and it begins to have a lot of expensive repairs, it would probably be best to go on and replace it.

* If your air conditioner is still using Freon, it may be time to replace it. The federal government is getting rid of units with Freon in favor of a refrigerant called R410A.

* If your air conditioner is part of an HVAC system, there are many things that could cause you to have it replaced. A compressor could have gone bad or the unit could be making excessive noises, requiring attention that perhaps warrants a new system.

* If your air conditioner unit begins to have inconsistent temperatures throughout the various rooms, that may indicate that your unit is about to fail. The air conditioner should always cool, according to the thermostat settings.

* If your air conditioner is emitting strange odors or creating moisture inside the home, it is possible the unit needs to be replaced.

Arctic Air Services, Inc. has been providing residential and commercial air conditioning solutions for customers in the Bradenton, Florida, Sarasota, Florida, and Manatee, Florida areas for more than 30 years. The contractor is dedicated to troubleshooting your air conditioner and HVAC unit for repair or replacement. The contractor is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and received an award in 2013 as a top dealer. If you need to speak to someone about AC Replacement in Bradenton FL, the contractor is available. Check out

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