Benefits of a rechargeable tent fan

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Heating and Cooling

Whether you’re in the middle of the wilderness, or you’re in a camping park just outside the city, a rechargeable tent fan can be your best friend on a hot summer night. Features of a quality fan include:

*     Long run-time: Cool On The Go fans run for over five hours and can be recharged easily.

*     Small and portable: The fan should be able to safely sit in a corner without taking up too much room. Ideally, it would come with a mount or some sort of clip so it can be positioned easily and safely.

*     Cost effective: The total cost of the fan shouldn’t break your budget.

*     Warranty: Most fans come with a limited warranty. Make sure you understand the warranty policy and maybe even reach out to the company  to get a full understanding of their return/replace policy. Cool On The Go offers a one year limited warranty, no questions asked.


Benefits of a tent fan include:

*     Keeps you cool and comfortable: Camping can be great fun, but when you are exposed to the elements on a scorching hot summer night time can seem to stand still and spoil your entire trip. A rechargeable portable fan will keep you cool and comfortable in your sleep.

*     Can be used outside too: Sitting around the picnic table eating your dinner? Is it too hot to enjoy? Are there mosquitoes and flies in your way? Mount the fan to the outside of your tent for a cool breeze while you enjoy the outdoor.

*     Not just for tents: Have a trailer? A fan will work well there too!

Before purchasing a rechargeable tent fan, make sure you are buying from a reputable company with a recognizable brand. Check their website for information regarding the features, warranty, price, etc. You can also look for online reviews on the product to get a better idea on how it will work for you. If you have questions, send an email or call the customer service center to get your questions answered.

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