Reduce Energy Costs Using Commercial Heat Pumps in Charleston SC

by | Jan 27, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

There are several ways to heat or cool a building, but few of them meet the efficiency demands necessary to cut energy expenses. This implies that there is, at least, one choice which can make a difference, and that is Commercial Heat Pumps in Charleston SC. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what the heat pump is or the fact that it can reduce heating and cooling costs dramatically. This is possible because the heat pump doesn’t generate heat, it moves heat from one area to another. Where the heat comes from or goes to will depend on the type of heat pump.

The most common Commercial Heat Pumps in Charleston SC is the air to air system. This appliance functions by drawing heat directly from the outdoor air to warm a building or the warm indoor air when the space requires cooling. Perhaps this is where people become confused because they don’t see how it is possible to extract heat from the cold air. It is much simpler than it seems. A heat pump is a refrigeration system which in turn is considered to be a heat pump. Confused yet? All refrigeration systems function by moving heat. This is possible because compressing the refrigerant inside the system lowers its temperature below that of the ambient air.

The heat pump is, even more, efficient than other methods because it only uses a very small amount of refrigerant. This means it requires less energy to move the heat in one direction or the other. In fact, being able to control the direction of the refrigerant is how the same unit can handle both heating and cooling.

One downside to the heat pump is that it usually doesn’t handle colder climates very well. There are ways around this, but the expense grows as the complexity of the solution increases. That is, using a heat pump with a ground-based or water based heat sink can help. Likewise, tapping into a geothermal source can create a heat pump system with a better range of temperature control. Commercial grade heat pumps handle larger spaces by moving more heat or the installation of additional heat pumps. The experts at Preferred Home Services can provide further information.

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