Multiple Washing On The Go

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Plumbing

These days; just about all of us take hygiene seriously. If our hands get soiled (even if only slightly) we will want to wash them. Likewise with plates, cups and utensils, etc –use them and then wash them (preferably in hot water).

We Tend To Take Things For Granted
We take any sort of washing facility for granted. It is always going to be nearby whenever we have need of it. We always have a fully plumbed in sink or basin in our kitchens, bathrooms and toilets; furthermore, we expect the same facilities to be readily available when we are outside our homes –at work, in a restaurant, at the shopping mall, in a sports stadium, etc (basically anywhere that we might be.

What If Such Facilities Are Not Available Or Impractical?
Obviously, if we are hiking in the wilderness; we are not going to find a well equipped wash room around the next tree; but, wouldn’t we expect something if we plan our route so as to stay each night at recognized camping sites? Or, how about a large event that is being held at an open air site and is expected to draw a large crowd; but the site is not usually used for such events? Another scenario could be a large construction site before any of the buildings have been constructed.

Providing good hygienic facilities at any such places is not likely to be practical if you are going to rely upon fixed installations using piped, pressurized water, electricity and an installed drainage system. Portable sink units on the other hand can be easily shipped in; set up, used and then taken away.

Portable Sink Units For Temporary Use
Many of us will have been to some sort of popular outdoor event where the organizers have set up the infamous porta-potties, honey buckets or Port-a-Johns. Usually, there are two problems with this; there’s not enough of them and the queues might be long; and, after we have taken our turn; where do we wash our hands?

With luck; the organizers will also have set up mobile, portable washing facilities; ideally with both hot and cold water plus soap dispensers. However, one portable wash basin alone is not going to adequately serve the crowds who might wish to use it. Fortunately, the manufactures of such mobile equipment do produce them in multiples – a Portable 3 Compartment Sink for example – which will certainly help to cut down queuing time.

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