Make Your Dream Home a Reality With The Best Kitchen Renovation Services

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Home Improvement

Since the real estate bubble burst, homebuyers are usually better off buying an existing home rather than building one from the ground up. However, this often means that many people are in homes that may not exactly suit their needs or taste. Nevertheless, one great thing about the current buyer’s market is that there is often a little extra money in the homeowner’s pocket to customize the home so that it is exactly the way that the new owner wants it. In fact in 2013, homeowners spent $130 billion in home improvements, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Along with the billions spend in home improvement projects, statistics also show another very interesting trend. Homeowners are very savvy consumers, and they want their home improvement projects to add value to the home. Major “dream kitchen” remodels seldom completely pay the homeowner back at the time of a home sale. However, minor kitchen remodeling projects, where the homeowner spent only around $18,000 on the room, return over 100% of the money invested on the project.
These numbers indicate a great opportunity for home remodeling professionals. And, since kitchens are one of the most frequently remodeled areas of the home, professionals who work on these areas can reap the benefit of the extra money in consumers’ pockets.

Granite Transformations allows home improvement professionals to step right into a time-tested, dependable model for a home improvement business, filling a much-needed niche in the home improvement world. Rather than fully demolishing a kitchen, rendering a very important area of the home unusable for weeks, Granite Transformations’ “over-the-top” installation process keeps the mess and hassle of a kitchen update to a minimum.

Granite Transformations’ methods allow homeowners to perform a minor kitchen update without disrupting the homeowner’s life for months. Additionally, Granite Transformations can work alongside a “do-it-yourself” handy homeowner to get the kitchen just right for less money. An owner can re-paint their own cabinets, freshen their walls with a new color, and call Granite Transformations to install a new countertop, giving the kitchen a brand new look for thousands less than a full kitchen remodeling project.

If you like helping people achieve the kitchen surfaces of their dreams while paying much less than they may have initially expected, you can contact Granite Transformations to find out more about becoming a franchise owner.

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