Bypass Lopper: The Ideal Tool for Keeping Your Trees Pruned

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Gardening

Keeping your trees tidy not only makes your yard safe but also enhances the look of your yard; you end up with a yard that is comfortable and one you can be proud of. One tool that has proven to be effective for caring for trees is the bypass lopper. This article provides in-depth information about this tool and the benefits of pruning your trees in general.

Not regularly pruning your trees can have several consequences, including allowing low limbs to develop, obstructed views and defects such as dead branches. Pruning increases your tree’s chances of thriving and provides more clearance for both pedestrians and automobiles. In addition, if branches that haven’t been pruned end up breaking, they can easily damage your property or even injure someone. Pruning ensures that your tree’s branch structure remains strong and thus decrease its likelihood of failing in windy conditions.

The bypass lopper is lightweight yet high-strength, making it an ideal tool for pruning. The tool’s advanced cutting technology make the tool superior for aficionados and gardeners alike, including both beginning and avid gardeners. Each bypass blade gives the shears an extremely clean and precise cut. The loppers are built in such a way that you can rely on them to function well all day. A telescoping lopper stands out as having aluminum handles that can individually be adjusted and feature soft-lining grip, thus making the tool even easier to use and ensuring superior performance even when you are working on high tree branches. The tool’s length additionally makes it less strenuous for you to cut up branches on the ground.

Lopper Options
The bypass lopper comes in various sizes. The 25.5-inch and 29.5-inch ones are designed to cut branches that are about 40 millimeters in diameter. Meanwhile, a telescoping lopper that is 25.6 inches to 35.5 inches in size is designed to cut branches that are about 50 millimeters in diameter. A qualified professional can point you to the right lopper for your tree care needs so that you can keep your yard looking like a beautiful extension of your home.

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