Doing Carpet Tear-outs To Expose Wooden Flooring

When a homeowner wishes to improve the appearance of their home, they may decide to remove carpeting and refinish the wood flooring underneath. There are a few steps that will need to be done in advance and during Carpet Tear-outs to ensure damage to flooring and personal belongings are not sustained. Here are some tips to keep in mind when removing carpet from home.

Take Measurements To Determine A Path For Removal

Before carpeting is removed from a floor, it is best to figure out what path will be used to get it out of the home. Since carpeting is very heavy, cutting it into several sections is best. The carpeting will need to be rolled up for easy transport. If a long piece of carpet is rolled up, making sure, it can be maneuvered through doorways to the outside is necessary.

Remove Personal Items From The Rooms Where Carpeting Is Located

It is extremely important to clear the rooms of all furniture and personal belongings to make it easier for carpeting to be removed. These items can be stored in another room in the home until after the wood floors are refinished. Removing light fixtures from the rooms is also best so they do not become broken when rolled up carpet is being moved.

Consider Hiring A Professional To Do The Job

While removing carpeting can certainly be done by the homeowner, it can be a tedious job. Instead of putting items in harm’s way, hiring a professional is an alternative. They will come to the home with the right tools to remove carpet without difficulty. They will also undertake the task in disposing of no longer needed carpeting. Some flooring companies will also handle the wood refinishing job as well.

When there is a need for Carpet Tear-outs, hiring the right company to do the job is a must. Take a look at to find out about the many services they provide to their clients. A representative will help in making recommendations in procedures and new flooring choices. An appointment can then be scheduled to start a flooring job if desired. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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