3 Types of Gutter Covers You Can Choose From

Cleaning out clogged gutters is a miserable and messy job, says the Family Handyman. A much better move, however, is to simply buy some gutter protection. Here are several things you’ll need to know before you shop for one:

Different types

There are plenty of types of gutter guard screens out there. The most well-known ones, though, are screen, surface tension and fine mesh. Find out which one suits your needs and budget the best.

Pros and cons


Screens are cost-effective and easy to install. Simply cut, wedge into place and you’re all done. You won’t need to shell out anything else for fastening. You can find this in a variety of materials and are pretty much effective against leaves that tend to clog up your gutters and downspouts. However, openings in screens can be large enough to let in seeds. Debris can easily get entangled in the screens as well and you might need to remove them to clean anything that’s stuck to the screens.

Surface tension

You’ll need to slip these under shingles and screw them securely to the gutters. However, placement matters a lot with these gutter guards. You’ll need to install them at an angle follows the slope of the roof. Don’t know how? Call in pros. Done wrong, you could end up causing debris dams letting even more debris inside.

Fine mesh

These work like a screen. The only difference is, these can block out even the smallest debris. They won’t clog with debris but keep in mind that these can still fill up with shingle grit. However, unlike screens, these are easier to clean. You only need a fine-toothed brush to do so. If you want something that requires little maintenance and care, this one’s a good choice for gutter protection.

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