An HVAC Contractor Offers Options to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While not many people really think about the quality of the air they breathe, others must pay careful attention to dust, pollen, and other contaminants found in indoor air. For example, anyone with allergies, emphysema or other respiratory issues cannot afford to allow their air supply to be contaminated. However, even home owners with no known respiratory issues can benefit from having an HVAC contractor evaluate their heating and cooling systems to determine if air quality issues exist.

Forced air heating and cooling systems use a network of ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout the home. A similar system of ductwork is used to return air to the heating or cooling device. Those ducts tend to collect a great deal of potentially harmful debris. A heating and cooling professional will recommend routinely cleaning those ducts to eliminate the dust and other detritus present in the system. In addition, an air purification system may be recommended where family members are subject to air quality concerns or when smoking or pet odors permeate the home.

Older homes often have HVAC systems no longer considered energy-efficient. Modern heating and air conditioning appliances use far less energy than comparable units sold even a very few years ago. When reducing energy costs or environmental concerns are present, the HVAC experts will recommend upgrading to new, high-efficiency units from quality suppliers like Lennox. The reduced utility bills often allow users to recapture their investment within a relatively short period of time. The HVAC contractor in Long Island NY will evaluate the heating and cooling needs of the home, including factors like energy loss through windows and doors along with the quality of installed insulation to help home owners predict a realistic level of savings from updating.

Of course, additional savings are realized when home owners schedule routine maintenance to keep the HVAC system operating efficiently. The first step in properly maintaining a system is to discuss what services would best benefit a home’s specific heating and air conditioning appliances. Once a maintenance schedule is in place, the likelihood of a system breakdown is significantly reduced. For more information on improving indoor air quality or setting up a maintenance schedule, contact us today.

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