Why You Might Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Cape Coral, FL

During Florida’s hot summers, a working air conditioner is almost essential. Homeowners will want to make sure they understand what could happen with their air conditioner so they know when to call a professional for Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Cape Coral FL. If the air conditioner stops working completely, it might be because the air conditioner has frozen. There are a few reasons why this could happen.

A Frozen Air Conditioner

An air conditioner that’s frozen means there is ice on the coils inside the air conditioner. This can often be detected through leaks as the ice melts and can be seen if the homeowner checks the coils. The first thing to do if this is noticed is to shut off the air conditioner immediately. If it remains on, the ice will just become worse and could cause further damage.

Reasons it Might Freeze

The most common reason for this is due to a lack of refrigerant. If there is insufficient refrigerant, the air conditioner cannot work properly and may start to freeze. A professional is needed to correct the issue. Other reasons for it freezing could include a plugged drain line, dirty coils, or a lack of airflow because of filters that need to be replaced. An air conditioner can also freeze if the blower is not working properly to move the air into the home.

Repairing the Air Conditioner

Repairing depends on the cause of the freeze. Shut off the air conditioner to allow it to thaw. If the issue is low refrigerant, a professional is required. If it is because of a plugged drain line or dirty filters, it may be possible for the homeowner to clean these so the unit starts working again. A professional should still be called if that doesn’t fix the issue or if the air conditioner freezes because of a blower that isn’t working.

To keep your air conditioner running properly throughout the summer months, make sure you know who to call for emergency air conditioner repair in Cape Coral FL just in case you need help. If you’re experiencing the issues here or other issues with your air conditioner, schedule an appointment right away so it will be fixed and working properly as soon as possible.

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