Why the Healthiest Homes Often Include Electronic Air Cleaners

by | May 22, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Historically, homes were considered healthy as long as they were neat and clean. That changed with the discovery of indoor air pollution, and today the demand for items like Electronic Air Cleaners keeps HVAC experts busy. Companies such as Eastside Heating and Air Conditioning now routinely inspect, identify, and repair air quality problems.

Air Quality Is a Major Problem

Modern HVAC experts are not just trained to repair, maintain, and install equipment. They are also air quality professionals who carefully search for evidence that clients’ homes may contain toxic air. The reason that so many technicians are trained in this service is that the EPA has identified indoor air pollution as a health problem. It is caused by the pet dander, chemicals, dust, mold, and other irritants that typically accumulate over time. They are circulated by AC systems and may even build up in ducts. They can aggravate asthma and other breathing problems. When experts find evidence of these pollutants, they offer custom solutions.

Each Home Needs Unique Treatment

Professionals design custom solutions for clients with polluted home air. That is because every customer has different personal needs and their air is affected by the local climate, age of their home, and more. Experts often suggest Electronic Air Cleaners that can remove 99% of allergens and particles. Most systems are quiet, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to run. Technicians might also suggest UV air treatments that destroy bacteria, mold, and other irritants. These lamps are much like those used in hospitals and can be added to HVAC systems very easily.

Technicians Are Comfort Specialists

In addition to cleaning indoor air, professionals can make it more comfortable. They might suggest humidifiers that make air much more breathable and prevent dry eyes, skin, and throats. They may also find that ventilation controls will supply needed fresh, healthy air. These systems work with air conditioning and heating units and often feature automatic settings.

Air conditioning professionals now commonly test home air quality so that they can identify indoor air pollution. When they find problems, technicians can suggest a range of solutions that include air cleaners and UV lights. They also strive to create healthier, more breathable indoor air.

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