Why So Many People are Considering Heat Pump Installation

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Heating Repair

When it comes to winter or summer weather, homeowners will want their home to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, with older homes, whether they have dedicated HVAC systems or not, keeping the home comfortable can be challenging. This is where many people when faced with a nonexistent HVAC system or an old HVAC system that isn’t working properly, may consider heat pump installation near St Louis.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a standard type of HVAC system that can be used for air conditioning and heating. It’s basic operation is to pull air across condenser coils that are either warm or cold, depending on whether heat or air conditioning is needed. This air is then either cooled or heated and moved via a high-powered fan through the duct work inside of a home to keep it cool or warm depending on the outside temperature.

Why a Heat Pump is Preferable

The reason why heat pump installation near St Louis is such a popular HVAC option is that of how energy-efficient these systems are. These systems are often considered a less aggressive form of heating and cooling for the inside of the home as opposed to a gas furnace or a powerful forced air system. As such, heat pumps are much more affordable to operate.

A Heat Pumps Limitations

While energy efficiency as well as effective heating and cooling, by transferring warm air for hot air or vice versa have made a heat pump HVAC system more popular, there are times where another option may need to be considered. Because of the nature of a heat pump, it’s not always a great option when temperatures get either extremely warm or extremely cold. For example, places that face extremely harsh winters may not benefit a great deal from a heat pump, as it may have a difficult time keeping the house warm during brutal winter weather.

For most areas of the country, a heat pump is an excellent option. Whether you need to keep your home cool during a hot summer day or keep your home warm when the cold weather arrives, a heat pump can do all of this plus much more. If you’d like to get more information about these types of HVAC systems, you may want to contact Classic Aire Care.

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