When to Replace Commercial Air Conditioners in Oahu, HI

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Those businesses whose products are heat sensitive and need to be kept cooled have to ensure the commercial air conditioning unit is working properly at all times. In fact, the moment the unit goes out for any reason, repair technicians need to be called to the job and get on with the troubleshooting right away. Every minute of downtime is literally going to cost the business money in wastes. There is a contractor who sells, installs and repairs Commercial Air Conditioners Oahu,. There are tips that will help the business owner know when the unit might need replacing.

     *     The age of the air conditioner might be a major factor when considering whether the unit needs to be replaced or simply needs a few minor parts. If the unit is 15 years or more old, replacing it may be the cost saver in the long run. The less downtime the company has because of the unit, the greater the process reliability of the company.

     *     If the company does not have a dedicated maintenance department, call a technician to check the unit if the compressor stops working in mid cycle. It may be a problem if the compressor consistently stops. The compressor stops to keep the unit from burning up, so troubleshooting and repair will definitely be needed.

     *     A problem with refrigerant leaking is also another issue that needs to be addressed right away. The unit will be forced to work harder to try to keep the products cooled.

     *     Other things that might raise a red flag with the air conditioning unit is a failure of the unit to cool sufficiently. Anything from a dirty coil to a frozen coil could be the culprit.

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