When to Replace Air Conditioning Systems in Gainesville, FL

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Air Conditioning

Many homeowners found it difficult to replace their air conditioners once they discovered they were on the way towards the end of their lifespans. Often, these homeowners took their HVAC systems for granted and did not notice the signs of a problem until it was too late to be fixed. Although new air conditioning systems were a large investment to replace, the costs of keeping old and outdated units in good repair were higher. In fact, keeping old air conditioners beyond their lifespans could cost homeowners hundreds of dollars more a year than new systems, meaning that they see their investments returned quickly after a replacement. To prepare for the investment, some homeowners began to look for signs of trouble early.


In general, air conditioning systems in Gainesville, FL live about 15 years with proper maintenance. However, the sudden need for costly repairs for units over the age of 10 often caused homeowners to consider replacement instead. It simply made more sense financially to replace their 10-year-old units with newer and more efficient models than to continuously repair the old ones. This was especially true when they considered the advancements in air conditioning technology made in the last decade and companies such as Charles Berg Enterprises, Inc. helped them make the switch.

High Monthly Bills

Some homeowners discovered that they needed new air conditioning systems after they noticed a steady rise in their monthly energy bills. Old worn-out systems slowly began to work harder to keep homes cool, taking up more energy in the process. Some homeowners looked at their SEER ratings to determine if they were low because that would cause lower energy efficiency. New models require a minimum SEER rating of 13 before being installed, which can save hundreds each year.

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