What’s Crawl Space Encapsulation?

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Home Improvement

Crawl space encapsulation includes a kind of vapor barrier that is installed in an unfinished, raw space under a home to prevent mildew, mold and dampness from seeping into the upstairs area. The barriers are designed of various materials, from plastic sheeting to multi-layered, thicker reinforced polyester that must be installed professionally. If the homeowner has a serious issue, like a wet crawl space or if there’s a mold problem, they oftentimes turn to putting in a barrier in order to prevent more decay and protect the home environment upstairs. An expertly installed, multi layered vapor barrier for crawl spaces may be expensive compared with some of the DIY plastic sheeting techniques at hardware stores. Contact Dry Otter Waterproofing. We ensure your home stays in great condition with our waterproofing services! Get a free estimate today!


A few of the costlier professional crawl space encapsulations provide multi-layer, heavy-duty polyester-reinforced material that is similar to pool liners. The high density liner usually is white. It’s spread across the whole floor space and connected with the side walls. It’ll get sealed around piers and pipes, completely encapsulating the whole crawl space. After such an installation, the area is often-times a better area to crawl around in as there usually isn’t any exposed mess or dirt to deal with. Typically, this kind of material is fire retardant, anti-microbial, water proof, and puncture resistant.


Flat-lay barrier
If cost is a factor, homeowners might attempt to repair their crawl space issues with a cheaper crawl space encapsulation or what often is called a flat-lay barrier. Usually, the material is sold in hardware outlet shops and is available in plastic sheets rolled out over a surface, overlapped then taped down. Depending upon the plastic sheets’ thickness, the barrier system might or might not stand up to any wear and tear without having to rip. Sometimes, it’s laid in layers in order to add more protection, as well as form a safer crawl space encapsulation.


As installed properly, Crawl Space Encapsulation in Charlotte, NC also may cut down on cooling and heating bills while offering a dry, clean storage space. If the house is in a humid region, an encapsulation system sometimes is put in with a crawl space dehumidifier in order to assist in keeping the space dry. If the house is situated in a region which might flood, some systems are available with sump pumps, drains, and water alarms that work in a similar fashion as smoke alarms. To know more click Here!

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