What to Expect from a Mice Exterminator in Mililani

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Pest Management

A Mice Exterminator Mililani has to do much more than bait a few traps to be effective and provide comprehensive services. If setting traps was all that was needed, people can pick up a few of those in the department store. The first step is to inspect the house or business to determine if the issue is, in fact, mice.

Voles, rats, and squirrels can also present as mice. Scurrying noises, squeaking, and small droppings are signs of all those pests. Even if residents or employees believe they have seen a mouse, they can be mistaken. Voles are similar looking, as are small rats. It is also important to identify the species of mouse to determine an effective solution.


A professional Mice Exterminator Mililani can be expected to offer a few resolutions to the situation. Poison may be easier, but it can present risks to children, pets, and people with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. In certain factories or industrial settings, reactions with chemicals used can also be a danger. The consummate professional will discuss options and ask questions regarding daily routines.

Ordinary traps that snap closed may be the cheaper way to get rid of mice, but some customers will consider that cruel and unnecessary. Humane live traps are a bit more complicated, and may take longer , but will be preferred by many customers. Providing choices to accommodate budgets, time constraints, and preferences is a reasonable expectation. The exterminator is providing a service. If that does not meet with expectations, find a different exterminator.


Professional companies, such as Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC, will outline a complete service plan for getting rid of mice. That should be based on the needs of the customer. Checking treated areas and calling the technician may be acceptable to some customers, but will not be the case with all of them. The whole point of hiring an exterminator is to avoid coming in contact with the pests.

Traps or areas where poison has been placed need to be checked at regular intervals by the exterminator. Setting up visits to accommodate customers is another expectation. If the company does not present consistent follow-up plans, seek another company. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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