What Composite Decking Options?

by | May 24, 2014 | Home Improvement

Yes it is true that having an exquisite and stylish deck carefully crafted with choice hardwood timber and worked on by a professional decking contractor can create astonishing results in transforming an ordinary home to an absolute masterpiece. However, one would also need to cough up a small fortune to achieve such a feat. Not to mention the intricacies that goes with its maintenance and effects to the environment.

That is the reason why it’s important for everyone to consider the innovation that is composite decking. There are other decking options available which it’s important to discuss. What options? Composite decking options! So what exactly is composite decking?

Composite decking uses a wood alternative material that cuts down on maintenance costs and is Eco-friendly at the same time. Composite decks are made from 100% recycled material – sawdust and plastics to name some of the elements. Colour pigments are evenly spread out, creating a double sided remarkable finish. UV inhibitors protect it from harsh weather conditions, so unlike traditional hardwood timber, composite decks do not rot, warp, bend, twist or splint.

When regular timber gets continuously hit by intense heat of the sun and then gets soaked by heavy rain or snow, it is prone to cracks and bending; not to mention an unnecessary build up of mould and mildew. These factors make the wood vulnerable to rot and decay, leading to lost tensile strength, discoloration and less aesthetic appeal.

This is not the case for composite decks, rather the opposite takes effect. Because of the structure of materials present in the wood, it is deemed safe from mould and mildew, rotting and insect infestation (resistant to termites and white ants), and likewise warping, rotting and splinting. The colour may initially tone down a bit during the first 4-12 weeks of exposure to the elements (which is the natural bedding process of lightening of the cellulose fibre), but will maintain its lightened shade throughout the years to come.

So is it the complete package in the long run? We let the product lay proof on itself.

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