Water Damage in Home? – Call A Plumber!

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Plumbing Contractors

Is your sink or toilet backed up? Are sewer odors permeating your home and making you sick? It’s time to call the plumber and find a lasting solution to your plumbing problems. Foul sewer odors arise from plumbing problems that should be taken care of by professionals. Getting professional help can save your property from deterioration and also prevent the development of health problems for you and your family.

Water damage is another reason to consult with the plumber at the earliest. Many factors can contribute to water damage. A damaged foundation, leaky roof and flood damage are just some of the many reasons your home can be under some form of decline. Water damage can cause your drywall, home furniture and electrical systems to deteriorate. Often faulty plumbing can be the cause of the water damage. Plumbing problems that could be contributing to water damage in your home:

Hidden leaks in pipes can cause damage worth thousands of dollars to the structure of your home. Those leaks that are hidden under flooring, behind walls, and under your foundation are very difficult to locate and detect. If the home owner suspects there are hidden leaks, consulting with a qualified plumber can save your home from more damage and decline. Professionals can use modern techniques to locate hidden leaks and repair them with minimum damage to the surrounding structure.

Sump pump failure is another cause for leaks in a basement or the foundation. Sump pumps prevent water infiltration into your home and help keep it dry and free from mold. A plumber can detect such failures and find lasting solutions to restore your foundation and basement to previous conditions.

Backed up drains and sewer lines are a major aggravation for the home owner. Clogs and blockages in the plumbing can result in serious sewage backflow that clogs the plumbing system and pushes unhealthy sewage back into the home creating very insanitary living conditions. Call in the plumber to restore the sanitation of your home and repair the sewage lines that may be damaged.

Plumbing professionals have a host of modern equipment and techniques at their disposal to remove blockages and improve the condition of your plumbing system. Hydro jetting is a modern technique that cleans out sewers using large volumes of water at high pressures. Trench-less technology is another modern technique that can help in repair of drains with minimum downtime and excavation. If you are facing water damage in your home, call in a professional plumber. McLean residents can find reliable professionals in the area offering high quality services.

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Plumber Mclean

Plumber Mclean


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