Tips to Help You Avoid Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

by | Dec 14, 2012 | Heating and Cooling

The last thing any wants is to get home from a long day of work on what happens to be the hottest day of the year only to find you central A/C has stopped working and instead of stepping into a nice cool haven, you find the interior of your home to feel even hotter than outdoors. The good news is that there are several things you can do to decrease the chances of this ever happening again.

When you purchase you unit, take the time to have the sales person handling the transaction show you how to replace the filter. This will be something that needs to be done at least once a month. In addition to being able to show you how to change the filter, the sales person should also explain the signs the filter needs to be replaced. You should always make sure you have a spare filter on hand. Staying on top of your filter will reduce the wear and tear on your unit, increasing the amount of time that passes before any of the parts need to be replaced by an air conditioning repair specialist.

Take the time to visually inspect your system every couple of days. You’re looking for a couple of different things. One, you want to make sure you haven’t done anything that could be blocking the unit. Resist the temptation to lean things against the system and you should keep your landscaping a few feet away. In addition to making sure you haven’t blocked the unit, you also want to closely inspect the drain line which can occasionally get blocked, or even ice over. Keeping this clear will significantly reduce the chances of you ever having to make an emergency air conditioning repair call.

You need to pay careful attention to how your unit runs. It shouldn’t take you very long to figure out how long it takes to cool down your home, and to learn how the A/C sounds when it’s running properly. Little things like paying attention when the interior of your home doesn’t seem to be as cool as you expected, or the system running a little louder than normal indicate you need to seek out air conditioning repair help right away. You don’t want to wait until the unit starts experiencing increased issues. The sooner you make arrangements for the professional to check out the unit, the less extensive the damage will be.

Be aware of how old your system is. The older it gets, the more frequently you will need to book a service call. The service call will help prevent the unit from breaking down, while also increasing the amount of time you can let pass before you have to break down and purchase a brand new A/C system.


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