Three Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioning In Phoenix, AZ

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Air Conditioning

Let’s face it; living in Phoenix, AZ is only made possible through the use of air conditioners. While this part of the state is beautiful it can also be incredibly hot and dry for a significant part of the year. Since air conditioners, especially the larger outside units, can be very costly to replace keeping them in optimal running condition is important. Utilizing simple maintenance steps can help to extend the life of your air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ regardless of the make, model or age of the unit.

Maintain the System

Spending just a bit of money to have a qualified, licensed and experienced HVAC company come to your home or commercial building to check your AC unit each year is essential. These annual check-ups will do more than just top off coolant levels they will also check the electrical system, ensure the blower and condenser is properly working and also address any other problems that may be present.

Clean Around the Unit

That big AC unit outside your home is designed to withstand the elements but it is not designed to be exposed to grass, weeds, leaves and debris. You can help in preventing restricted air flow through the system by removing all weeds, grass, shrubs and vegetation from beside and around the unit.

In addition trim overhead branches and remove all leaves that may collect on or around the unit. Without this little bit of extra care the vents to the outside can become clogged and obstructed and restrict the ability of the exterior unit of your air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ to cool itself. When this happens there is less energy efficiency and, over time, a decrease in the ability to cool inside.

Check Filters

Depending on your air conditioner style and model there can be a variety of different filters in various locations. If you aren’t familiar with the filters on your air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ talk to your technician at his or her next visit at and ask to see the filters and how to change them on your own.

Regular filter replacement will help your air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ to work more effectively and efficiently. This will supply cool air and help to lower your cost of running the unit throughout the hottest days of summer.


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