Three Maintenance Tips for Residential HVAC Service in Crestwood

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Air Conditioning

In some areas of the country, both the air conditioner and heater may be run on the same day. Nighttime temperatures in December and January can dip to just below freezing in the winter in the Crestwood area, while daytime temperatures can be in the 70s or 80s. The disparity among temperatures means that you need to keep your HVAC unit in shape with these maintenance tips mentioned below to keep your home comfortable during the day and night.

Clear Space Around Units

Along with professional residential HVAC service in Crestwood you can do your part by clearing space around the outdoor units. Trim weeds, grass, and other vegetarian around the outdoor air conditioning and heater units. If possible, try to keep about two feet of space clear around the perimeter of each unit so that nothing can prevent the units from working properly. Click here for more details.

Regularly Change Filters

Since the units will be working hard to keep your home comfortable in the winter months, make sure to change the filters at least every 90 days. When the HVAC unit is working hard, it may need to be changed every 30 days to ensure the system is clean and running smoothly. If you’re not sure how to change them, a technician can show you when they perform residential HVAC service on your unit.

Keep Registers Open

To prevent putting strain on your HVAC unit, keep the registers open to allow the air to freely flow in your house. If registers need to be closed in a room because someone is too hot or cold, make sure that no more than 20% of the registers in the house are closed at any one time. Companies like Harster Heating & Air Conditioning can help you keep the HVAC unit in shape to prevent breakdowns.

There are many ways to help keep your HVAC unit in shape with the help of a professional residential HVAC service.

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