The Pop-Up Guide to Professional HVAC Consulting

Interested in hiring an HVAC consultant to work with you on your building project – or curious about what it might require becoming one, yourself? Read on to find out what sets these professionals apart from their industry peers, and where to find them in your area!

An Open Book

Qualified HVAC consultants are like living books on topics related to heating, cooling, home installation and other aspects of the field. To provide expert advice, these consultants must have both industry experience and an intimate understanding of all aspects thereof.

Higher Education

To gain the knowledge crucial to being a well-trained HVAC consultant, a professional must have first-hand experience as well as formal education. For most consultants, this means a college degree or certification in the field beyond what is typically expected of an HVAC technician.

While someone who installs and repairs heating and cooling systems may have as little as 18-24 months of total education and training, HVAC consultants typically have more. This can range anywhere from a second two-year degree to a master’s in the field of design and engineering, depending on where they’re looking to be in the hierarchy within their company. Those with higher levels of experience and education typically earn much more than their less-educated counterparts.


Despite requiring more of its candidates, this job is a fairly common one in the United States. Many HVAC professionals eventually go on to become consultants within their own company or work independently with others.

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