The Most Common Types of Fans in the United States and Their Purposes

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Fans

Fans have evolved a lot since they debuted over 100 years ago. Today’s products can do more with less parts, and they have better features for specific situations.

The Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan’s job is to circulate wind around a space. It can move cool or hot air in two directions.

A Table Fan

Modern table fans regulate airspeeds. Their wide blades circulate air evenly.

A Tower Fan

A tower fan is thin and sleek. It usually has an in-built ionizer and a convenient rotating base. This fan is designed like an air cooler, but it consumes less energy.

A Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are extremely tall, but they’re very lightweight. Unlike ceiling fans, these units have a built-in oscillation setting that maximizes air circulation in confined spaces.

An Exhaust Fan

This fan is made for a ventilation system. It purifies the air and prevents heat gain.

A Wall-Mounted Fan

A wall-mounted fan works well in offices and warehouses. It doesn’t cool a space like a ceiling fan. This fan circulates the air by pushing it around a space, and a ceiling fan directs the air from above to the ground.

A Misting Fan

This fan has a high-pressure pump that transforms water into a cooling mist. It’s a great substitute for an air conditioner.

A Centrifugal Fan

A centrifugal fan circulates air through tubes and ducts. Its blades produce centrifugal force to create drag.

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