Take the Proper Steps to Get a New Roof

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Home Improvement

Other than the obvious leak you may be experiencing, how can you tell if you need a new roof? There are a few other ways of notic that include nails that are sticking out of the surface of the roof, shingles that are missing, and rotten or damaged roof decking. If there is visible mold, then you have sustained damage and need a new roof. If you notice any dipping or concave of a roof, it is another clear indication that you need your roof replaced before more serious damage can occur.

The Process of Getting a New Roof
When you have discovered that you need a new roof, you need to follow the proper steps to find a roofing contractor that is reputable. Before any work is done on your roof, it needs to be inspected by the professionals. Of course the damaged roof will have to be removed so a new roof can be installed. This is exactly why you need to make sure the roofing contractors that are working on your new roof are 100% competent, are bonded, licensed, insured and certified to handle the roofing material that is being used.

How to Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor
Hiring a professional roofing contractor is not as difficult as it sounds. Today you have the use of the Better Business Bureau; they can give you the ratings of local roofing contractors so you know which companies are best to approach. You can also get references through your friends, family and neighbors that have had roofing work done recently. With the use of social media, you can easily find professional roofing contractors by looking on many different media platforms too. Read as many reviews as you can find, and make sure the roofing contractors you call, have been in the roofing business for many years.

Further Inspections Are Important
When you have hired a roofing contractor, they are going to remove the shingles and inspect the elements that are bare. It is important to understand why you need a new roof so you can address any issues that may be underlying. The plywood needs to be in good condition or it should be replaced before the tar paper and moisture barriers are placed. This also goes for the roof vent covers; they need to be inspected to make sure they are in proper condition too. Your professional roofing contractor will help you choose the shingles that fit your budget and can save you money on energy costs before your roof is completed.

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